Tuesday, August 29, 2006

News Catch Up

I have been a bit busy at school as of late so I missed blogging yesterday. However I will catch up today with some commentary.

Former Republican VP Candidate Jack Kemp will campaign for former Democrat VP candidate Joe Lieberman

One has to love the irony of politics. Apparently Lieberman is 12 points clear of Lamont.

More distorted reports from the Lebanon Conflict
One of the biggest losers in this war was the press - a massive loss in credibility.

Iranian-Arab Human rights Issues
Why don't the the Canadian and American Arab communities speak out about this?
Are they too obsessed with Israel to care?

Chavez and Syria's Assad buddy up
What did they say about Birds of a feather?
I wish they would both 'flock off' together.

China and Russia co-operation
In my book History of the Future (go to http://www.forbesbookclub.com/bookpage.asp?prod_cd=IY3M6) I predict that both these countries plus the Muslim world will
ally with one another against the west. I hope that I am wrong.

A slightly older one here. On the left's sacred cow: Affirmative Action
by Thomas Sowell
What amazes me is that in this era of anti-discrimination, affirmative action is so tolerated.
Maybe two wrongs in some universes does make a right?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

More on British Comics

Interview with Roy Race from Roy of the Rovers
Found this on an old Guardian site. Worth a read.

More from the Guardian: Top 10 Best Comic Footballers of All Time

Rogue Trooper Video Game available
Rogue Trooper is a character from 2000AD fighting a one way war to avenge his buddies in a chemical hell hole.

A Bit of Information on Victor Comic
Had such great stories as Tough on the Track, Gorgeous Gus (Footer story) and In Battle with Braddock.
Comic ran between 1961 and 1992. I read it between 1977 and 1984.

Scorcher Comics
There were many who said that this was the best footer comic of the lot. It ran from 1970 to 1974 when it merged with Tiger.

Buster Comics - Always great for a laugh (1960-2000)
Loved the toothless shark 'Gums'. Buster of course was the son of Al Capp.
Some say that this was the best of all the British humour comics.

It may have been, but Beezer was a close rival.
Beezer lasted from 1956-1993.

Where the winds have taken me.......

Top 25 Natural Sites visited

1. Grand Canyon - US
2. Igausu Falls - South America
3. Kruger National Park - South Africa
4. Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming,US
5. Banff National Park - Albeta, Canada
6.Swiss Alps - Switzerland
7. Meteora Rocks - North Central Greece
8. Redwood Forest - California, US
9. Greek Island of San Torini - Greece
10. Niagra Falls - Canada/US border
11. Garden Route - South Africa
12. Cape Point - South Africa
13. Isle of Skye - Scotland
14. Amalfi Drive/ Island of Capri - Southern Italy
15. Painted Desert - US
16. Route 1 - California Coast, US
17. Negev Desert - Israel
18. Cabot Trail - Cape Breton, NS, Canada
19. Cape Cod - Mass, US
20. Drakensberg Mountains - South Africa
21. Eilat Reef - Israel
22. Finger Lakes - New York State, Us
23. Badlands - South Dakota, US
24. Island of PEI - Canada
25. Dunn's River Falls - Jamaica

Top 30 Cities Visited

1. London - England - The Brtitish Museum is itself a three vacation. Have been to London on five different occasions. Would go back every year if I had half a chance.
2. Jeusalem - Israel - History and Religion. Special Place for Jews especially on the Sabbath.
3. New York - USA - If you can't find something to do here than you must be dead. Capital of the Western Civilization in its Modern Phase.
4. Boston - USA - Tons of History and Character especially along the Freedom Trail.
5. Paris - France - I love French History from 1789- 1914. Where better a place to be then Paree?
6. Venice - Italy - Unique with Great Art.
7. Amsterdam - Netherlands - It really has something for everyone.
8. New Orleans - US - Not at all a typical US City. Thats what I like about it.
9. San Francisco - US - Another out of the ordinary US City.
10. Edinburgh- Scotland - Quaint and Historic. Smells like mamite though.
11. Cape Town - South Africa - Most beautiful city in SA by far - Table Mountain. Lion's Head etc.
12. Buenos Aires - Argentina - The Paris of the South.
13. Montreal - Canada - Best Canadian city. Way more character and better food than Toronto.
14. Washinton DC - US - Tons of sights. A must for all Political Junkies.
15. Florence - Italy - Cradle of the Renaissance. More for the History and Art Lover.
16. Rio de Janeiro - Brazil - Beach capital of the World.
17. Bath - England - Been there twice. The Roman + Georgian combination is superb.
18. Durban - South Africa - Another beach city. Has Nostalgic significance for me. Holidayed in 'Durbs' alot as a child.
19. Lurcerne - Switzerland - City on the Lake. Picturesque. Although the last time I visited it (2005), the city was flooded.
20. Vancouver - Canada - Been there several times. Enjoyed every trip.
21. Zurich - Switzerland - My sister and my nephew live there. Adds a dimension to the city.
22. Pretoria - South Africa - Place of birth - Surprisingly attractive Jacaranda city.
23, Halifax - Canada - Bar Capital of Canada. Has laid back Maritime personality. Very different to Toronto.
24. Seattle - US - The most Canadian of all American cities visited.
25. Eilat - Israel - Small but a wonderful coastal resort.
26. Toronto - Its my home. Has a lot of positives.
27. Tel Aviv - Israel. Beachfront is great so is Dizengoff Street at night.
28. Bulawayo - Zimbabwe. Another city that stood out in my childhood.
29. Raleigh - North Carolina, US. 'Techie' capital with lots of Civil War History.
30. San Diego - California, US. A bit crowded as of late but scenic - especially La Jolla.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Political Commentrary August 26th

David Horowitz and Richard Poe take a crack at the billionaire George Soros and his 'diabolical' influence behind the Democrat Party
David usually makes sense but I think he is making more of Soros than what he really is. Nevertheless its worth a read.

For those Pro-Israel Conservatives warming up to Christopher Hitchens read this:
I still don't trust his motives. Its sentationalism that he really likes.
Shahak was an awful opponent of Israel. For the more on Professor Shahak read

The 'Rights' of Women in Pakistan - Rape Law Amendments
The left often claims that Pakistan is one of the more forward thinking Muslim countries.
Makes you wonder how the non-progressives are after reading this.

An Activist in the Left's favourite dictatoraship speaks out
I wonder if Castro loving Sasha Trudeau has read this. Probably not.

Crime Stats in South Africa off the page
51 murders a day on average.
24516 attempted muderers over a the period April 2004 to March 2005.
55114 reported rapes over the same period.
The worst of all is that there appears to be no end in sight.

As the country starves Zimbabwe's dictatorial ruler Robert Mugabe buys more jets

The Next Taliban-like state: Somalia

EPL Results August 26th

Liverpool 2 West Ham 1

The Reds improved on last weeks poor performance. Daniel Agger had a great goal (Liverpool's first from open play in the league this season) - Forwards are starting to gel - Dirk Kuyt is in solid form both off and on the ball and Bellamy and Pennant are looking dangerous - Congrads to Crouchie for his secong goal this week (he scored against Haifa in Kiev) - The defense still looks shaky especially along the left flank.

Apparently West Ham haven't won at Anfield since 1963 - the streak continues.

Watford 1 Man United 2

The Devils may be the team to best this season - I hope not - but they have 10 goals and 9 points in three games - great return.

Man City 1 Arsenal 0

Gunners dominate but can't finish - too much pretty-pretty football - Barton scores his 10th goal in 100 games for the better part of Manchester. Gunners now have 1 point in the league out of a possible 6.

Spurs 0 Everton 2

Woes continue for Londoners as Toffees score twice - courtesy of a Calum Davenport own goal and an Andy Johnson strike - Thats two losses in three games for Londoners - not the start Martin Jol was hoping for especially of you consider the fact that Everton were down to 10 men by match end.

Charlton 2 Bolton 0

Darren Bent scores twice (once from a penalty) as the Addicks prevail. A tough one on the cheek for the Trotters.

Wigan 1 Reading 0

Who would have thought this wopuld have been a top level fixture five years ago? Anyway it is with Emile Heskey winning the points for the Lancashire team this afternoon.

Fulham 1 Sheffield U 0

Jimmy Bullard helps Cottagers to three points over the Blades.

Friday, August 25, 2006

News of the Day

Why Britain stopped the terror attack
From Frontpage Magazine/Insight Magazine
The Brits appear to be better at dealing with terror. How long will it be before the US finally figures out how it should be done?

The Plot behind the FOX News abductions thickens
Its amazing how little coverage this has received in the mainstream media.

Most Israelis want Olmert out
The Kadima experiment looks to be a failure. Its time for strong leadership again.

Tamil Tigers back in the News
I predict that the Tamils will one day win a homeland in Northern Sri Lanka. Whether it will fail as a state is anyone's guess. A lot will depend on deals with Tamil Nadu populations on the Indian mainland.

Another Idiot world leader: Hugo Chavez of Venezuela
Check out his stupidity here. This guy will try anything to be reported in the news.

Abuse of Filipino workers in Lebanon
Another one that you won't see on CBS.

Jihad alert in the Philippines
More proof that Jihad is a world phenomenon not a reaction to US policy in the Mid East.

France and Italy vie for lead peacekeeper role
Let me get this straight. The main force standing between Hezbollah and Israel will be made up of French troops (remember WWII stand or lack of it against Germany) and Italians(not exactly a fighting nation of note). This does not leave me warm and fuzzy. I guess its better than having troops from Indonesia and Malaysia (both countries have no diplomatic relations with Israel) , but only just.

Disarming Hezbollah put on hold
More signs that Israel will have trouble in the future. Ceasefire status worsens.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Churchillian Quotes

Sir Winston Churchill is one of my heroes. Here is a sample of a few of his many quotes.

I never worry about action, but only inaction.

Always remember, a cat looks down on man, a dog looks up to man, but a pig will look man right in the eye and see his equal.

There is no finer investment for any community than putting milk into babies

Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.

All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes.

A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject.

It is better to be frightened now than killed hereafter

If the Almighty were to rebuild the world and asked me for advice, I would have English Channels round every country. And the atmosphere would be such that anything which attempted to fly would be set on fire.

In the News

Pluto Loses status as a Planet
See http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/24082006/2/world-pluto-gets-demoted-astronomers-approve-new-definition-planets.html
Its the correct decision. Pluto seems to be more of an escaped moon of Neptune than anything else. I wonder where this leaves Pluto's satellite Charon? I guess there will be lots of money to be made on re-writing textbooks.

Grigory Perelman turns down Math honour
See http://www.cbc.ca/technology/story/2006/08/22/math-fields.html
Personally I think this guy is nuts but you have to respect his genius and love for the purity of the subject.

More Canadian women bringing back the back bacon
Another slap in the face for radical feminists who insist women are 'supressed' in Canada.

Former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Yaalon may be the leader Israel is looking for
See http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=24007
Would be a change after the very poor performance so far of Olmert and co.

Dennis Prager rips apart Mike Wallace's pandering to Iran's nutbar President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
See http://www.townhall.com/columnists/dennisprager/archive.shtml
Its amazing how such prominent journalists such as Wallace have a big mouth in questioning wrongs in the US but go soft when truely facing evil on the global stage.

Thomas Sowell lashes into the so-called Peace Movement
See http://jewishworldreview.com/cols/sowell072106.asp
Its about time somebody called took the promoters of appeasement to task for cuddling up to the enemies of the West.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

'Lie'beral Party Race in Canada

It hasn't exactly grabbed the public's attention in any significant way but the leadership for the Party of Corruption may yet heat up.

Candidates are:

A.Michael Ignatieff
Pros: Intelligent
Untainted by corruption
Understands US Politics.
Large L Liberal.

Cons: Has been out of the country for 20+ years
May be out of touch with Liebral voting base on War in Iraq
No real experience in Canadian politics
Too much of an Academic perhaps.

B. Stephane Dion
Pros: Solid in Quebec

Cons: From Quebec may alienate West.
An old Chretien croney.
Same old. Same old.

C. Bob Rae
Pros: Intelligent
Good speaker

Cons: Too left
Failed as NDP Premier in Ontario. Why should he succeed in Canada?
Yesterday's man.
History of backtracking. Poor fiscal management.

D. Joe Volpe
Pros: Charismatic

Cons: Dogged by corruption in Campaign.

E. Scott Brison
Pros: Large L Liberal
Realistic and Pragmatic

Cons: Openly gay (doesn't bother me) but the rest of Canada may not want this.
Profile is too low. Not a big name.

F. Ken Dryden
Pros: Has high profile from Hockey career

Cons: Boring.
Sits on the fence.
Too closely associated with Paul Martin.
Bad speaker.

G. Gerard Kennedy
Pros: Experienced. Is a minister with Ontario Provincial government.
Former head of Food Bank (good cause)

Cons: Not known outside Ontario.
Small l liberal.

H. Hedy Fry
Pros: Can't think of any right now. Oh yes she defeated Svend Robinson in her riding race.

Cons: Linked with Old Martin Government.
Famed for stupid statements.

I. Caroline Bennett
Pros: very experienced

Cons: Too closely associated with old Liebrals.
Not much known outside Ontario.
May be too 'nice' for leadership role

J. Martha Hall Findley

An outsider. Nobody really cares about Martha but for her immediate family and backers.

My prediction: Ignatieff over Rae with Dion finishing Third.

Canada can't afford to have another Quebecker as PM. The Trudeau, Mulroney and Chretien years carried with it too much constitutional uncertainty.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New Job Titles in PC South Africa

Here are some new Politically Correct job titles in South Africa (my place of birth).

As per Charles Clayton

This was sent to me by Charles Clayton at
Gardener : Landscape Executive and Animal Nutritionist
House Maid : Family Environs Upkeep Manager
Receptionist : Front Office Manager/Office Access Control
SpecialistTypist : Printed Document Handler
Messenger : Business Communications Conveyer
Window Cleaner : Transparent Wall Technician
Temporary Teacher : Associate Tutor
Tea Boy : Refreshment Overseer
Garbage Collector : Public Sanitation Technician
Watchman : Theft Prevention and Surveillance Officer
Prostitute : Practical Sexual Relations Officer
Thief : Wealth Distribution Officer
Driver : Automobile Propulsion Specialist
Maid : Domestic Operations Specialist
Employee without Portfolio : Administration Manager
Cook : Food Preparation Officer
Unemployed : Township Management
Gossiping : Research Management

Monday, August 21, 2006

V for Vendetta

Overall Ranking: 6.5/10

Pros and Cons


1. Hugo Weaving's excellent portrayal of the main character.
2. The wonderful use of alliteration in V's opening scene.
3. The Guy Fawkes imagery.
4. Great Costumes
5. John Hurt going beserk


1. Pro-Terrorism message
2. Oversimplified connection between the War against Terror and Fascism
3. Historical Inaccuracy - Guy Fawkes was not a fighter for People's rights but a Catholic conspirator against the Protestant King James I
4. V's unnatural superhuman powers - created an unnatural messianic figure
5. Natalie Portman's character - sulked her way through the movie
6. Reminded me too much of Phantom of the Opera
7. Pro-conspiracy message - appeals to a low denominator of audience

Ten Great Political Reads

Ten Conservative Books worth reading

1. Radical Son by David Horowitz.
2. Inside American Education by Thomas Sowell
3. The Conservative Tradition in America by Charles Dunn and J. David Woodard.
4. Reflections on the Revolution in France by Edmund Burke
5. The Closing of the American Mind by Alan Bloom
6. Leftism by Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn
7. Conservatism by Pieter Viereck
8. Iliberal Education by Dinesh D'Souza
9. The New Anti-Liberals by Alain Borovoy
10. White Guilt: How Blacks and Whites Together Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era by Shelby Steele

More Commentary from the Net

Some interesting articles from the web.

1. On Shari'a Law.

Courtesy of American Thinker

2. Bibi Netanyahu's commentary on the Lebanon situation


Courtesy of Front Page Magazine

3. Political Double Standards with respect to Israel


Courtesy of signandsight

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Five Types of Anti-Zionist Jews

My research on these particular individuals (many of whom are self-hating others not) indicates that they can be divided into Five Categories.

These are:

1. Ultra-Orthodox Rejectionist Extremists
- Claim to be True Torah Jews but base their positions on out of context Talmudic Tracts.
- Although observant they often have no problem aligning themselves with organizations such as the PLO and Hezbollah who have been responsible for global terrorism aimed at Jews.
- Most prominent are Neturei Karta who recently made headlines in this disgusting display outlined below. Courtesy of Ynet News

2. 60's radicals and their 'inellectual offspring'
- Often Blend in 60's liberation philosophy, drugs, new age culture and anything goes ad hoc 'touchy feely' philosophy to argue for a new world order in their la-la land image.
- Often (but not always) support the disappearance of the nation state altogether. Nothing like anarchy.
- Oppose Israel as the Jewish State is seen as part of the Establishment. Despite the fact that it is the establishment that allows them to speak openly in the first place.
- Opinions appeal to many in the so-called 'marginalized' communities (some Gay and Lesbian advocacy groups, Radical Feminists, Envirinmentalists) who have made the logical fault of drawing a parallel between their respective struggle and the Arab demand to snuff out the only true democracy in the Middle East.
- Not always self hating just short on realism and intelligence
- Includes many Tikkunites, Several Renewal Rabbis, One sided 'peace' groups, Women in Black and sister groups, and tons of wannabees.

3. Arabists

-Are generally fascinated with the Arab culture and have bought into the substantial amount of Arab propaganda out there.
- Includes Adam Shapiro of the International Solidarity Movement and such Terror apologists as Noah Cohen.
- Often hide behind the banner of human rights advocacy (such as Gideon Levy and Amiras Hass)
- Generally Self-Hating and dangerous as are many converts to an extreme cause.

4. Anti-Semites, Conspiracy Nuts and Garden Variety cranks
- Frequently side with holocaust denial groups.
- Fill the definition of self hating Jews to its fullest.
- Often associate with extreme left and right wing anti-semitic groups.
- Includes Holocaust-manipulator Norman Finkelstein, Neo-Nazi Israel Shamir, Illuminati crank Henry Makow, Loony Musician Gilad Atzmon, the infamous anti-semite Israel Shahak and some of the Jewish dupes who support rense.com.
- Are so extreme as a whole that many anti-zionist groups have disassociated themselves from these creeps. Now thats saying something.
- Not so much dangerous as pathetic.

5. Communists, Stalinists, International Socialists, Trotskyites and apologists
- Usually but not always hold academic positions (where else) at the University Level - after all very few in the real world are dumb enough to still believe this tripe.
- Often fabricate, distort and take facts out of context to back up philosopy(which is paramount)
- Claim to be 'New Historians' under the false pretense that 'new is always better' (yeah right)
- Many have been discredited but that does not seem to have stopped them - Its amazing what the power of university tenureship carries.
- Useful tools/idiots for Arab Propaganda machine. Lenin would have loved this lot.
- Very Dangerous as their University 'credibility' can often persuade the opinions of the uniformed (especially those lacking critical thinking skills) to take an anti-Israel pro-Terror stance.
- Include Noam Chomsky (can sometimes gravitate to category 4), Simcha Flapan, Baruch Kimmerling, Neve Gordon, Ilan Pappe, Steven Rose, Uri Davis, Teddy Katz, and their loyal followers.

For more go to

EPL Results

The English Football Season began this week.
Here are the results:

Sheffield United 1 Liverpool 1 - A fair outcome. The Blades capitalized on a defensive error from the Reds who needed a dubious penalty to equalize (despite dominating possession) . Riise injured himself (could be out for a while), but on the positive side Craig Bellamy looks awesome up front and Fabio Aurelio appears to be an acomplished free kick taker and ball crosser.

Chelsea 3 Man City 0 - More of the same old. Terry, Lampard and Drogba score.

Man U 5 Fulham 1 - Rooney grabs a brace as Fulham keel over and die.

Bolton 2 Spurs 0 - Campo scored against the Londoners who need to prove that their 5th place finish last year was no fluke.

Arsenal 1 A Villa 1 - Gilberto Silva restores Gunner pride at the Emirates

Everton 2 Watford 1 - Toffees are off the mark as is striker Andy Johnson.

Reading 3 Boro 2 - Teesiders blow 2 goal lead as Reading enjoy intro to EPL.

Pompey 3 Blackburn 0 - South coasters may be this season's Wigan. Money talks.

Newcastle 2 Wigan 1 - Not a bad result for the Toons at all. Considering they have no forwards other than Shola Ameobi.

West Ham 3 Charlton 1 - Hammers are full value for the win.

Friday, August 18, 2006

New Scientist Update I

With the baby and everything I have not had much time to read my favourite Science Magazine.
In a quick blitz I finished the July1-7 and the August 12-18 issues of NS.

The following articles are worth noting:

From July 1-7 Issue:

- An expose on Cloning asks whether we have actually made any progress since the 'Dolly' Breakthrough. The South Korean cloning scam was really a set back for the field. I personally beieve that cloning techniques will improve leading to a re-ignition of the ethical nightmare of human cloning. I have outlined this in my History of the Future Book.
See http://www.forbesbookclub.com/bookpage.asp?prod_cd=IY3M6 or contact me at ideas@lonelythinker.com

- One for the Anti-GM crowd. Modified Tomatoes are to be used to fight two killer viruses.

- Small Nanodiamonds may exist in Space (enough to harvest an engagement setting - probably not?)

- An investigation into Saltwater to Fresh Water Technology. The Israelis have been doing this for some time now. Las Vegas may follow suit.

- A Human Evolutionary Article Questioning the Out of Africa Theory. Early Homins may have left Africa before Homo Erectus evolved. Perhaps as early as 2 million years ago.

- The Power Law behind the Internet apparently may not be as important as we once thought. We need to focus on details in the network instead. My personal take is that where really don't know what we have designed. How safe it is to sabotage is anyone's guess for the moment. This is a perfect case of technology running ahead of itself.

- Life may exist on the moon's orbiting the Great Planets. I always thought this was a possibility. Why do we seem so suprised? Titan, Saturn's largest moon, has a small atmosphere after all.

- Even occasional drinks during pregnancy could be bad for the foetus.

From August 12-18 Issue:

- Quantum Loop Gravity looks more and more like a viable alternative to String Theory. According to QLG heavy particles are made up of complex braids of space-time. Twisting provides for the nature of the charge.

- NASA will fund a probe called ADEPT to test whether Dark Energy exists after all.

- Pregnant woman should be weary of commercialized 'boutique' ultrasound scans. These may damage the foetus. It seems that so much can harm the foetus these days. I wonder how accurate all this reserach is? Or is it just fear mongering?

- Waterproof rice will be engineered to resist the problem of paddy flooding.

- For believers in the Big Crunch Theory of the Universe - apparently structures created in an earlier version of the Universe won't effect the future. I am not sure where researchers are going with one? Seems a bit fuzzy. Big Crunch Theory is 'hokey' at best.

- Life on Earth may have developed in sub-zero temperatures, such as the fine water veins that exist on ice bergs. An interesting suggestion. Since bacteria has also been found in hot geysers it just goes to show you how hardy life can be. The ice theory is therefore not a suprise.

- The race to build robots to mimic the action of human muscle is on. Robot Arm wrestling may become a big sport in the future although at the moment the best robot cannot defeat a 17 year old girl.

- Chinese timber demand is stripping Russia's Far East of valuable resources.

- Kids with imaginary friends develop language and psychological skills faster (I would add to this - and an imagination as well).

Thursday, August 17, 2006

On the Footer Front

Its been a great week for Liverpool so far. First there was the Community Shield Victory, 2-1 over Chelsea, now it seems as though Dutch International forward Dirk Kuyt is on his way to Anfield. With Kuyt, Crouch, Bellamy and Fowler up front the goals should be a plenty this season.

In other news it looks as though Owen Hargreaves will land up playing for ManURe. Its probably a good move for the Canadian-born English international who needs to show his worth in the EPL.

Other moves that should solidify soon are:

Jose Reyes to Real Madrid
Ashley Cole to Chelsea
William Gallas to Arsenal (my prediction).

I can barely wait for the season to start.

Worth Reading

Two wonderful articles taken from Front Page Magazine.

The first, written by a Libyan Arab, criticizes the use of the word resistance in the Arab Media.

The second looks at the stupidity of some 'Feminist' positions regarding Gender Equality.

These are respectively located at:




Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Quiz #6 - The Brain

From the following clues name the structure

1.Sits at the bottom of the brain. Has cauliflower shape. Thought to control the timing of movement.
2.Outer gray matter. Involved in higher brain functions.
3.Located inside the temporal lobe. Memory and navigation are its key functions.
4.The stalk of the brain. Connects forebrain to cerebral hemispheres. Controls respiration and cardiac rhythms.
5.Brain structures that control emotion. It is one of the oldest parts of the brain.
6.Part of Central nervous system it regulates blood pressure, hunger, thirst and heart rate.
7.Starts with an A. This structure that regulates aggression and fear is part of the brain’s medial temporal lobe.
8.The lower part of the Brain Stem. Controls autonomic functions.
9.Joins two hemispheres of brain.
10.Lobe in cerebrum that is located above occipital lobe and behind frontal lobe. Thought to integrate sensory information from different senses.
11.Type of brain matter associated with information processing.
12.A structure that emerges from a neuron. It is not the dendrite.


2.Cerebral cortex.
4.Brain Stem.
5.Limbic System.
8.Medulla oblongata.
9.Corpus callosum.
10.Parietal lobe.
11.Grey matter. White matter is associated with information transmission.
12.Axon – conducts electrical impulses from neuron.

On Chemistry

Throughout the course of both my Degrees (Biophysics + Zoology) + Chemical Engineering, I have studied more Chemistry than I care to remember.

Eight Areas of Chemistry I like the most

1. Quantum Chemistry
2. Redox Reactions, electrochemistry and balancing by oxidation number.
3. Acid-Base Equilibria problems
4. Application of Le Chatelier’s Laws.
5. Stoichiometry problems.
6. Organic Chemistry compound naming.
7. Gas Problems (both ideal and real).
8. Chemical Kinetics.

Five Areas of Chemistry I like the least

1. Memorizing the different types of Organic Chemistry Reactions.
2. Enthalpy and Entropy Calculations (I am not a thermodynamics fan).
3. Crystallography.
4. Separation processes.
5. Titration labs or most chemistry labs for that matter. I am not a great fan of the chemistry lab myself although I do appreciate its vital necessity.

For my pick on the most important Chemists of all-time go to


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

On Intelligent Design

I found this interesting article on NPR regarding the Jewish perspective on intelligent design. It indicates that both Darwinian Evolution and Intelligent Design can be accomadated. Thats been my position all along. I have never sympathized with the rationality behind the black/white standpoints that have been taken by both schools of thought in the US. There is common ground here and the two ideas are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Article is located at


25 Important Thinkers

Here is a ist of Twenty Five Important Thinkers Alive Today that I feel are worth listening to.

(Not in Order of Importance)

1. Edward Witten - String Theorist
2. Paul Johnson - Historian and Political Thinker
3. Alvin Toeffler - Futurologist
4. Charles Taylor - Philosopher
5. Milton Friedman - Economist
6. Fritjof Capra - Physicist and Buddhist Thinker
7. Charles Murray - Policy Writer. Co-Author of the The Bell Curve.
8. Michio Kaku - Physicist. Writer about Extra-Dimensions.
9. Alan Dershowitz - Legal Thinker and political writer.
10. Samuel Huntington - Historian. Author of the Clash of Civilizations.
11. Lisa Randall- Physicist. String Theorist.
12. Lee Smolin - Leading Physicist (Quantum Loop Gravity)
13. Bill Gates - Co-Founder of Microsoft. Leading figure in war against AIDS.
14. Elie Wiesel - Holocaust Educator
15. Ray Kurzweil - Artificial Intelligence promoter.
16. Michael Schermer - Leading light in Skeptic Movement
17. Martin Gardner - Mathematician and Philosopher
18. Phyllis Chesler - New Feminist Thinker
19. Arthur C. Clarke - Sci Fi Author
20. Nicholas Negraponte - Technology Advocate
21. Tim Berners-Lee - Inventor of the World Wide Web.
22. James Watson - Nobel Prize Winner. Co-discoverer of DNA structure.
23. Benoit Mandelbrot - Mathematician (speciality Chaos).
24. Bernard Lewis - Historian of the Middle East
25. Marvin Minsky - Father of Artificial Intelligence

Monday, August 14, 2006

16 Dumb Conspiracy Theories

Here are Sixteen of the many really stupid conspiracies that circulate out there in the popular (and not-so popular) culture indicating why logic and reason is more important now than ever.

If only they would apply Occam's Razor.

1. The World is controlled by shape shifting Reptiles - proposed by David Icke. This one takes the cake.
2. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (popular these days in the Muslim world as well as amongst Nazis).
3. The Illuminati (whoever they are) running the show but nobody having a clue (except of course the conspiracy theorists for one reason or another).
4. The US government flying remote controlled planes into the WTC on 911.
5. Shimon Peres being responsible for the Rabin killing - Barry Chamish
6. Monica Lewinsky - Israeli Agent - Rense.com
7. Holocaust Denial
8. Gloria Steinem - CIA Agent - proposed by Henry Makow
9. US as a Police State - Alex Jones. If it were a police state he wouldn't be allowed to publish such crap in the first place.
10. Satanic Cults amongst the World's Elites
11. The Light bulb that runs forever that General Electric will never allow to be produced
12. AIDS as a CIA virus.
13. The Queen of England and the Drug Trade - Lyndon La Rouche.
14. The US government creating a drug problem in the American ghettos.
15. Roswell coverup
16. The Power of the Skull and Bones Society

Sports Quickies

Liverpool won the Community Shield Title this weekend defeating Chelsea 2-1. Besides winning silverware at Chelsea's expense (always a positive) it appears as though Crouch and Bellamy are working well up front and that the defence has finally picked up its act after a disasterous pre-season in Central Europe.

Roger Federer won the Rogers Cup increasing his unbeaten streak for games in North America to well over the 50 match mark. Not only that but Rafael Nadal still remains the only player this year to have defeated the Swiss superstar (although he has done so on four occasions). Federer has a 62-4 record this year with two slams in the bag.

War on Terror

Two great articles courtesy of Front Page Magazine on the ongoing war against terror.
The first addresses the issue of baby bombers the second talks about CAIR clouding the terrorism debate once again.

Articles are at:




Sunday, August 13, 2006

Debunking Conspiracy Theory

The following sites are excellent resources for debunking some of the 911 conspiracy crap out there.




Saturday, August 12, 2006

In the News...

I sat glued to the TV last night following the news of the UN brokered Ceasefire Agreement in Lebanon. It looks like a 'band-aid'. I am not sure if 15,000 United Nations troops are enough, and if the Lebanese government army (being the puppet of Syria that it is) will be able to keep Hezbollah in check for the long run.
Isn't Hezbollah part of the Lebanese government? After all they have two cabinet ministers. What guarantees are there then that Hezbollah won't integrate itself into the Lebanese Army? Only time will tell. I predict fighting to break out within the year with yet another Hezbollah act of aggression that the UN will be 'powerless' to stop as Beirut claims impotency.

The arrests in London of 23 suspects (one was released from the original 24) behind a potential series of Trans-Atlantic plane bombings makes Melanie Philips work Londonistan more of a critical read now then ever. For more go to http://www.melaniephillips.com/londonistan/.

Friday, August 11, 2006

From the World of Sport

Tennis: I went to the Tennis last night to see Roger Federer defeat Russia's Dmitry Tursunov 6-3 5-7 6-0. Federer's seemed to play at half pace for the first two sets and Tursunov took advantage of this. However the Swiss superstar showed his brilliance in the third set as he demolished his opponent with near perfection. The Toronto Leg of the Master's Tour seems to be Federer's for the taking now that Rafael Nadal and Ivan Ljubicic are out.

Cricket: South Africa lost the two match series against Sri Lanka (2-0). In the first testthe Boks were massacred by an innings and more. The cricketers, like their counterparts in Rugby, are struggling to find form. Team election based on political agenda may be responsible for the poor performances, but I believe that such an arguement is a lame excuse and both sports teams have to find a way from within to pick up their sub par performances. Next year after all there will be a World Cup in each sport.

Cycling: Although the Floyd Landis drug scandal calls into question the entire sport. I hope that this doesn't bring about another Lance Armstrong witchhunt. Last year it revealed nothing and bored the hell out of everyone. The sport should attack the drug issue on a go forward basis.

Rugby: New Zealand should win the Trinations. In fact I reckon that they will go the entire tournament without losing a game.

Soccer: Liverpool barely defeated Maccabi Haifa 2-1 at Anfield. The Red's are not playing well (as was further evident in their pre-season friendlies) and are due for a major thud. I would rather this happen (if it has to) in the Community Shield than in the early part of the league season. For many Liverpool fans (myself included) its the Premiership or bust this year. Sixteen years is too long.

Baseball: My team, the Toronto Blue Jays, have virtually been eliminated from any Playoff aspirations. I just wish that the season doesn't end on a Mets v Yankees World Series. Hopefully the Red Sox can pull something out the bag.

Indications of Progress

It is common these days for local opponents of Western Civilization to apply relativistic deconstruction to dismiss the concept of progress. This is a hideous attempt at undermining the truly great accomplishments which have allowed the civilization to flourish and provide the comforts of democracy that they themselves partake in.

While I will not ignore the concept of negative progress (a useful oxymoron to be tackled in a later post) I have a list of Twenty Five Positive Progresses that truely indicate that we have indeed moved forward as a species.

Some of these are:

1. Better Medical care overall - a higher degree of professionalism
2. Longer lifespans
3. More access to information - internet, libraries
4. A larger diversity of professions and trades in general
5. Police forces that are more accountable to the public
6. More equalized gender access to education
7. Advanced technology tools to assist the handicap
8. Refrigeration
9. Anaesthetics
10. Antiseptics
11. A better understanding of mental disorders
12. Less of a stigma on divorce
13. Enhanced gay rights
14.Running water
15. Sanitation
16. The existence of childhood and adolescence
17. A larger variety of sports
18. The optimization of processes through computer technology
19. Better bad weather warning systems
20. GPS location
21. Improved inter-city transportation
22. A growing Space Industry
23. Laser Eye Surgery
24. Increased crop yields
25. Gene Therapy

Thursday, August 10, 2006

IQ Tests and all that

There are an abundance of IQ tests floating around the web. Since the majority of these tests are not well standardized, nor supervised, I wouldn't place much faith in them. For a proper evaluation of one's intelligence quotient I would recommend having a psychologist administer either of the Weschler Test (WAIS-III or WAIS-IV, WISC for children) or the Stanford Binet Test.

For more on Weschler go to


For more on Stanford Binet go to


Nevetheless here are five sites that are worth looking into with respect to IQ. I would still take some of the info here with a bit of a grain of salt (for want of a cliche).

1. http://www.eskimo.com/~miyaguch/hard_iq.html
- Contains links to the various High IQ societies.
- Has a variety of Tests designed to test those with exceptionally high IQs (Top 2% and above)
- Has various articles on SAT vs IQ norming, the IQ of Nazi War Criminals, the intelligence of Dogs etc
- also has a history of high IQ societies.
-Not as well maintained now as it once was though (Caution)

2. http://hem.bredband.net/b153434/Index.htm
- Great thought experiment on the IQs of Famous People
- Also contains program to standardize different test scores

3. http://www.puzz.com/
- A site with many puzzles and IQ tests

4. http://members.shaw.ca/delajara/
- Another site with info on the testing of IQs.
- Has a chart comparing the IQs of various European Countries
- Contains info on Flynn Factor which allows one to compare IQ scores across various generations


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Nostalgic Moment- Tennis in the 1970s

I grew up following tennis in the mid to late 70's while I admit that the players then would struggle against today's crop (for the most part), there are many aspects of that era that I miss.
In true to list form (what else) I have outlined twenty. These are:

1. Jimmy Connors vs Bjorn Borg on any surface
2. Ilie Nastase's temper tantrums (he knew how to throw them)
3. The finesse of the wooden racket.
4. The focus of Arthur Ashe
5. A little kid called Johnny Mac upsetting the Applecart
6. Chris Evert vs Billie Jean King
7. Characters like Vitas Gerulatis, Harold Solomon and Eddie Dibbs.
8. Mexico's big name player Raul Ramirez (don't think they have had one since)
9. A very young Martina Navratilova still playing for her country of birth (Czechoslovakia)
10. Jimmy Connors rowsing a crowd.
11. Borg's ice cool temprament (its a great pity that his life has fallen apart lately)
12. Argentinian superstar Guillermo Vilas (he often played in South Africa)
13. The South African pairing of Bob Hewitt and Frew MacMillan (remember his cap) dominating the doubles at Wimbledon.
14. Virginia Wade winning the Wimbledon Ladies Singles in 1977 (last Brit to win a Single's title at Wimbledon)
15. US Opens at Forest Hills
16. Australian Opens on Grass that never seemed to attract the big name players.
17. John Lloyd and Buster Mottram carrying the Union Jack at Wimbledon.
18. Long Rallies
19. Fewer Aces
20. More serve and volley players around.

Soccer Predictions

The European Leagues are underaway soon (in fact they already are in some countries).

These are my predictions as to who the Champions will be from several countries (based on head and heart)

Head: Anderlecht Heart: Standard Liege

Head: Chelsea Heart: Liverpool (will most likely finish 2nd or 3rd)

Head: Lyon Heart: Auxerre

Head: Bayern Munich Heart: Borussia Moenchengladbach

Head: Inter Milan Heart: Chievo of Verona (wishful thinking)

Head: Ajax Amsterdam Heart: Ajax Amsterdam (my favourite continental team)

Head: Benfica Heart: Benfica

Head: Celtic Heart: Hearts of Midlothian (of course)

Head: Real Madrid Heart: Valencia (Rafa Benitez's old team)

Champion's League:
Head: Real Madrid
Heart: Liverpool

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Republicans - good and bad positions

These are issues that I believe that the Republicans are correct in supporting.

1. The War on Terrorism
2. The need for a strong US military
3. Freedom of Speech
4. Better management of Public Funding to the Arts
5. Repeal of Affirmative Action Laws
6. The Death Penalty (although it needs to be reformed).
7. Politics out of the class room
8. Strong funding for Space Exploration
9. Strong Penalties for social security abuse
10. Voluntary Prayer in School
11. Back-to-basics education
12. Free Trade
13. School Vouchers
14. Homeland security (more common sense needed here)
15. Strong Family Values - but I believe that the definition for a family should be extended to include non-traditional families. More parental time off for infant care is needed as well.
16. Meritocracy
17. Opposition to to the stupidity of the UN.
18. Better control of Foreign Aid. Human Rights criteria needed.
19. Opposition to any form of Reparations

These are positions that I disagree with the Republicans on

1. Pro-Life stance
2. Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment (I believe Gay Marriage should be legalized)
3. Anti-Pornography Laws
4. Opposition to Gun Control
5. The Environment (more emphasis is needed). Although I am not a fan of Kyoto
6. A reduction in tax breaks for the rich. (We need a more balanced budget)
7. Limits to Stem Cell Research
8. Strong support for the oil industry
9. Restricted Sex Education in school

Canada's Top 35 Nudniks

1. Jean Chretien - Corrupt ex-Prime Minister with no moral backbone.
2. Syd Ryan - Media loving radical leader of CUPE.
3. Carolyn Parrish - Ridiculously foolish Anti-American Liberal MP. Born with foot in mouth.
4. Svend Robinson - Former NDP parlimentarian and Jewel thief. Master of the 'Holier than thou',
5. Paul Martin - As the Economist described him - 'Canada's Mr. Dithers'.
6. Judy Rebick - Canadian Feminist and apologist for the anti-establishment left.
7. Haroon Siddiqui - Toronto Star Columnist and advocate of Third World Totalitarian regimes.
8. Eric Margolis - Toronto Sun Columnist and excuser of the excesses of Hamas and Hezbollah
9. The Khadr Family - Canada's 'First family of Terror' see MacLeans Magazine.
10. Naomi Klein - Anti-globalist chamopion unless globalism involves international socialism. Has a 'No-Brain' following amongst radicals world wide.
11. Michelle Landsberg - The Toronto Star's favourite anti-male feminist. Was recently awarded the Order of Canada which proves just how much the country has regressed.
12. Bill Graham - 'Hot Potato in the mouth' interim Liberal Party leader caught up in web of moral relativism just like Paul Martin his former boss.
13. Doug Christie - Champion of the 'poor oppressed' Nazis and Holocaust Deniers in the country.
14. The United Church - Liberal church that bypassed sanity to continue a clerical tradition of Anti-Jewish activism albeit with a leftist spin.
15. Parti Quebecois - Canada's leading fascist party.
16. Linda McQuaig - Journalist who like so many in the country's media establishment has made a career out of xenophobic US bashing while downplaying the negatives of Islamic Terror groups.
17. Jack Layton - NDP leader who like to many suffer from the disease that more taxes and social engineering will fix all.
18. Belinda Stronach - Puppet politician with the strength of character of a wet towel. Her crossing of the floor to become a liberal was an insult to all who voted for her.
19. David Emerson - Similar to Stronach but he went the other way (Liberal to Conservative) for a cabinet post as well.
20. John Clarke - Rabble rowsing leader of sensationalist OCAP movement.
21. Maud Barlow - Another Anti-American who maliciously uses Canadian Nationalism to attack the US. A true opportunist.
22. Rick Salutin - The Globe and Mail's anti-establishment neurotic 'ex-hippie' voice.
23. David Suzuki - Canada's first Windbag of Science.
24. Concordiastan - Canada's university hot bed for anti-Western Radicalism.
25. Canadian Human Rights Commision - The nation's #1 politically correct enforcer.
26. Elsie Wayne - Anti-Gay Conservative ex-MP who spoke her mind but rarely made sense.
27. The Trudeau brothers - Canadian blowhards who seem to be on course to continue their father's trend of turning the nation into a gigantic-sit-on-the fence welfare state (the world already has Sweden for that).
28. Ken Dryden - Canada's most boring politician. Left Hockey to join the policy-by-public-opinion Liberal party.
29. Sheila Copps - Former Liberal party big wig with a shrill voice. Now a 'Voice of Reason' at the Toronto Sun.
30. Bob Rae - Failed Ontario NDP Premier who is seeking a position as the head of the Liberal Party where he can fail on a larger scale.
31. Michael Neumann - Trent Academic. Proof that more degrees doesn't necessarily make you smarter.
32. Welfare and Medical Care Frauds - Enough said.
33. Jens Hanssen - See 31. Except that this whitewasher of terrorist regimes works at a better university (Toronto as opposed to Trent).
34. Self Esteem based Education Curriculum - For dumbing down parts of the high school curriculum as Canada falls further behind in the Maths and Sciences.
35. The Appointed Senate - Money not worth spent.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Another lie bites the dust

The list of Anti-Israel Media distortions continue. Each one of these has been debunked.

1. The Mohammad Dura Case
see http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=18774
Courtesy WorldNet Daily

2. The Jenin 'Massacre'
Courtesy Weekly Standard

3. The Gaza Picnic
see http://adloyada.typepad.com/adloyada/2006/06/human_rights_wa.html
Courtesy Adloyada

4. Now the latest - Smoke over Beirut
see http://littlegreenfootballs.com/weblog/
Courtesy of Little Green Footballs

More I am sure to follow........................

Chomsky Deconstructed

An excellent article by Aussie Keith Windschuttle on America's biggest whiner....

Noam Chomsky was the most conspicuous American intellectual to rationalize the Al Qaeda terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. The death toll, he argued, was minor compared to the list of Third World victims of the “far more extreme terrorism” of United States foreign policy. Despite its calculated affront to mainstream opinion, this sentiment went down very well with Chomsky’s own constituency. He has never been more popular among the academic and intellectual left than he is today.

For the rest go to http://www.newcriterion.com/archive/21/may03/chomsky.htm

Sunday, August 06, 2006


I have had and still had many hobbies throughout my life. I have mentioned a few on this blog so far. Here is a list of some of my hobbies.

1. Collecting and Reading British Comics ie. Roy of the Rovers, Tiger, Battle, Scoop, Score, Shoot, Match, Look and Learn, Eagle

2. Collecting and Reading Asterix and Tintin Comics

3. Baseball cards -still a novice

4. Panini stickers. For more go to
I collected the Mammals, Birds, Disney, Soccer and Rugby Birds. I think (but I am not to sure that they did a series on the Guiness Book of World Records- Collection has gone AWOL).

5. Matchbox Cars - Mentioned in Blog Entry 22nd July 2006

6. Subbuteo Soccer sets
http://www.subbuteoworld.co.uk/. Don't have much of this collection remaining anymore.

7. Stamps - British, South African, Rhodesian, World.

8. Corinthian Soccer Figures - A New hobby
www.corinthiancanada.com - A buddy of mine runs this site.

9. Classic Illustrated Comics - Mentioned in Blog entry 23rd July 2006.

and some more for later.............. It makes life interesting.

New from the World of Science

1. The Universe may be 2 billion years older than thought ie. Hubble may be out by 15%.
For more go to http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=51395
That makes the universe 15.8 billion years old.
Courtesy World Net News.

2. Organ donation from those that are not brain dead but are ripe for transplant - known as Donation after Cardiac Death. This should open up an ethics minefield. See
Courtesy of New Scientist.

3. Some facts and info about Mental Illnesses. Apparently WHO reckons that there are 450 million people with mental disorders on the planet. I am a bit skeptical of this number considering the growing tendency to expand the classification of Mental disorder.
Courtesy of New Scientist.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

23 Signs that the world is Insane

1. Human Rights groups refusing to criticize terrorist groups such as Hezbollah.
2. So-called Leftist progressives allying themselves with Islamic Fundamentalists.
3. University boycott petitions aimed at Israel but ignoring the human rights abuse of China, Pakistan, the Arab World etc.
4. Vladimir Putin criticizing Israel for using excessive force in Lebanon when he had no qualms about using even more force in Chechnya (taking into account that Chechnya seperartists are far less a threat to Russia than Hezbollah is to Israel).
5. The Muslim community in Canada criticizing Israel while downplaying human rights abuses in Darfur, Iraq (Muslim-Muslim violence) and Iran.
6. The Muslim community in Canada remaining silent about torture in Syria when it was clearly highlighted as a problem during the Arar case.
7. Leftist Progressives who seem quite wiling to witness Afghanistan falling into the hands of the Taliban (by encouraging a US withdrawal). After all the Taliban has such a wonderful record on human rights and women's issues. Where is Gloria Steinhem when you need her?
8. 20% of Harvard students needing remedial courses to catch up on material not covered in high school.
9. School boards who argue that failing a student lowers their self esteem and therefore should be avoided at all costs.
10. University professors who are given cart blanche to teach conspiracy theory to a captive student audience.
11. More tax breaks for the wealthy.
12. Reality TV shows on the lives of Ozzy Osborne and Gene Simmons. Have we stooped that low?
13. The Muslim community not taking organizations to task (such as Hezbollah and Hamas) that use civilians as human shields.
14. The ongoing US friendship with the 'Enlightened' Saudi Arabia - another beacon of human rights values.
15. A man earning close to 200 million dollars a year for hitting a ball into a hole.
16. The culture of victimhood that has permeated Western Society.
17. Gangsta Rap.
18. The fact that reparations payment for slavery is even being considered.
19. The growth of moral relativism.
20. 'Progressive' Jewish groups marching hand in hand with radicals shouting 'Kill the Jews'.
21. Noam Chomsky and Juan Cole as intellectual icons.
22. Howard Zinn espousing with full seriousness how non-violent resistance would have helped defeat Japan during WWII.
23. Fred Phelps - anti-homosexual nut bar.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Physicists to read

As a physics teacher (and a generalist) it is important to keep current with the latest issues in the discipline. The following is a list of physicists who offer valuable insight into the Queen of All Sciences.

1. Brian Greene - String Theory. His book the Elegant Universe also has some wonderful descriptions of Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity.

2. Stephen Hawking - Not a personal favourite of mine but his work on Black Holes is very much respected.

3. Roger Penrose - A great read for Generalists exploring Cosmology and Particle Physics. Offers an important criticism of String Theory.

4. Michio Kaku - When looking at extra dimensions. He is your man.

5. Simon Singh - If Penrose is too complicated. Give Singh a try. Has written on Fermat's Last Theorem, the Big Bang and Encryption as well.

6. Stephen Weinberg - Nobel Prize Laureate. Has written extensively on Particle Theory and the Big Bang.

7. Fred Hoyle - Although deceased and has had some of his theories discredited, Hoyle is arguably one of the most creative thinkers in the discipline. A great all-rounder Hoyle has tackled a variety of topics from the origin of Life on Earth to the Steady State Model and more. He actually coined the term Big Bang despite not agreeing with it.

8. Gerald Schroeder - Orthodox Jew and former MIT prof, Specializes in the linkage between Modern Physics and G-d's revelation.

9. Nick Herbert - Worth reading for a look at 'Faster than Light Travel'.

10. Richard Feynman - Another Nobel Laureate. Did phenomenal work on explaining difficult topics in modern physics (and classical physics) to students - See Feynman Lecture Series. He is the Father of Quantum Chromodynamics.

11. John Barrow - If you like analyzing the different Theories of Everything , Barrow is a wonderful starting point.

12. New Scientist Magazine - Regularly contains cutting edge articles on cosmology, particle physics and Theories of Everything. Generally open minded in their analysis.

13. Lee Smolin - Valuable contributor to Quantum Loop Gravity the main rival to String Theory as a potential Theory of Everything.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Really Bad Footer Trades

The jury will be out some time on the Michael Carrick trade to Man U.
Here is a list of 15 trades that didn't work out. There are many more.....

1. Juan Sebastian Veron (Lazio to Man U)
2. Adrian Mutu (Parma to Chelsea)
3. Fernando Morientes (Real Madrid to Liverpool)
4. Mateja Kezman (PSV Eindhoven to Chelsea)
5. Dennis Bergkamp (Ajax to Inter Milan)
6. Gary Birtles (Nott F to Man U)
7. Sergei Rebrov (Dynamo Kiev to Spurs)
8. Helger Postiga (to Spurs)
9. Rivaldo (Barcelona to AC Milan)
10. Jose Kleberson (to Man U)
11. Paul Stewart (Spurs to Liverpool)
12. Stan Collymore (Liverpool to Aston Villa)
13. Ian Rush (Liverpool to Juventus)
14. Jermaine Defoe (w Ham to Spurs)
15. Davor Suker (Arsenal to West Ham)

On Teaching

I have just completed my fourth full year as a teacher. Over this period I have been fortunate to teach a variety of courses learning not only much about pedagogy but also about life itself. Below is a list of the courses that I have taught (# = Grade level).

Chemistry 11 (Advanced)
Biology 11 (Advanced)
Physics 11 (Advanced)
Science 9 (Advanced)
Science 10 (Regular and Advanced)
Ancient History 11 (Advanced)
Physics 12 (Advanced)
Philosophy 12 (Advanced)

In addition I have tutored the following courses:

Calculus 12
Algebra 12
Chemistry 12
Biology 12
Math 11
Math 10
Math 9
History 10

Who says it doesn't pay to be a generalist?

Here are twenty lessons that I have learnt. Some of them may run counter to common wisdom.

1. Students respect high standards in the long run.
2. Students abhor favouritism more than anything else.
3. Most people have to be taught to think for themselves.
4. Minimizing work effort is a human characteristic.
5. Students hate being challenged in the short run but its critical to their learning They know this but don't want to admit it.
6. About 70% of the material in a high school textbook is of little benefit to the student . It merely serves to bump the cost of the textbook up.
7. The calculator is a curse when teaching problem solving.
8. Student's have to be taught to imagine. Active imagination is a dying art.
9. Concept linkage across courses is a rarity in intermediate education. This comes back to haunt students later on in their high school life.
10. A teacher has to be able to explain a concept in at least three different ways.
11. A teacher should be on his/her feet as often as possible. Desk teaching is not as effective.
12. Lesson plans never run according to plan. They only make Administrators happy.
13. 80% of all asignments are completed the day before.
14. There is no limit to mark scrounging. It is important to remain firm for fear of opening the floodgates.
15. Punish the small errors heavily on the quizzes. Relax a bit on the tests where the small errors will lekely be at a minimum.
16. 30% of one's time in physics involves reteaching math skills and old knowledge that somehow 'vanished' in the summer.
17. There is a fine point of action that exists between the soggy glove and the iron fist. Be compassionate but remember that at the end of the day its the knowledge that counts. If the student's don't demonstrate that they have furthered their knoweledge than they should not advance in the subject.
18. Only 20% of students blame themselves for their shortfalls. Its far easy to point the finger at somebody else (come to think of it are adults any different?)
19. Inject excitement into a topic (this is where being a generalist helps). Even such dull topics as vector algebra can be livened up . This is the challenge of the teacher.
20. Never underestimate the amount of different ways that a question can be misinterpreted.

The Education slip slide

There is an excellent article by Walter Williams courtesy of Front Page Magazine and Townhall.


It deals with the ridiculous nature of some of the courses taught at university these days.

My personal favourite - Rock n Roll in Ancient Egypt. Not.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

10 Great Websites that I recommend

The following are a list of websites that in my opinion are worth visiting

1. History Org - A Great Soccer site for stat lovers like myself http://www.histora.org/

2. Roman Rulers - A site detailing all the Rulers of the Roman Empire http://www.roman-emperors.org/impindex.htm

3. Scientists talk why they believe in G-d http://www.word-gems.com/god&religion.science.talk.html

4. Homepage of Tony Jones - Good Stuff on Alternative Histories.

5. Timeline of Fictional Future Events http://www.answers.com/topic/timeline-of-fictional-future-events

6. A great spoof on conspiracy and historical revisionist sites - http://www.revisionism.nl/The-Mad-Revisionist.htm

7. A wonderful philosophical page on topics of reason and logic http://pegasus.cc.ucf.edu/~janzb/reasoning/

8. Lewis Loflin's resource on religion and philosophy

9. God Arguments _Logical and not so logical arguments on the existence or non-existence of God. http://www.lclark.edu/~ndsmith/god_arguments.htm

10. A listing of Jewish contributors to civilization http://www.jinfo.org/

Turning Points in the History of the West until 1600

The following is a list of 30 events (not conclusive) that changed the course of Western History. These are great to build 'What If' stories around.

1. The End of the Ice Age.
2. Abraham discovers philosophy of ethical monotheism.
3. The birth of Western Philosophy in Ancient Greece (Miletus with Thales)
4. Rome defeats Carthage to gain control of the Western Mediterranean.
5. The Life of Jesus Christ.
6. Paul develops Christianity as a seperate entity from Judaism.
7. Constantine legalizes Christianity in the Roman Emperor.
8. The fall of Rome and the Barbarian Invasions.
9. The Arabic Exapansion of the 7th-9th centuries.
10. Charles Martel saves Europe from Islam.
11. Charlemagne strengthens Western european power.
12. The Viking invasions impact on the continent. Height of the Dark Ages.
13. Spread of Feudalism throughout Europe.
14. Split between Catholic and Orthodox Churches.
15. Marco Polo makes contact with China - Silk Road re-ignited.
16. The Crusades encourage mixing of ideas between Europe and the East.
17. The Mongols fail to advance into Western Europe.
18. The Monastic Orders (especially in Ireland) protect Western Culture during Dark and Middle Ages.
19. Decline of Church Power after the Crusades. Church no longer seen as all-powerful. Growth of the secular ruler.
20. Black Plague decimates European population (1/3rd dead). Leads to improvement of Worker rights (more demand for Labour). End of Feudalism. Further weakening of the Church.
21. Venetians and Turks dominate Mediterranean sea trade routes.
22. Invention of the Printing Press accelerates a cultural, scientific revolution in Europe.
23. Birth of the Early Art Renaissance in Italy. Power of Florence grows.
23. Constantinople falls to the Turks. End of Byzantine Empire. 1453.
24. Hundred Years War (1337-1453) between England and France Ends.
25. Italian City States reach peak of Power, Italian Wars will however ravage Italy.
26. Growth of Spain, France and Austria as continental powers.
27. Beginning of the Age of Exploration. Early domination by Portuguese and Spanish. Later English, French and Dutch.
28. Discovery of the New Worlds (Americas) - Colonization to follow.
29. The Protestant Reformation further splits the Cheristian World.
30. March of Physics - Copernicus (The Heliocentric Universe), Kepler and Galileo.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Few Dream Sports matchups

If one had a time machine and could bring together teams and players from different eras these are some of the matchups I would love to see.
(Not in any order).

1. NY Yankees (1927) v NY Yankees (1941) - The Babe vs DiMaggio - Baseball
2. Brazil (1970) vs Argentina (186) - Pele vs Maradonna - Soccer
3. Roger Federer (2006) vs Pete Sampras (1998) - Tennis at Wimbledon
4. Liverpool (1984) vs Man U (1999) - Soccer
5. Muhammed Ali at his peak vs Joe Louis at his peak - Boxing Heavyweights
6. Tiger Woods at his peak vs Jack Nicklaus at peak - Golf. One on one at Augusta.
7. West Indies c. 1979 v Australia 2003 - Cricket
8. Sugar Ray Robinson v Sugar Ray Leonard - both at peak - Boxing Middleweights
9. Chelsea (2006) vs Liverpool (1979) - Soccer
10. SA Springboks (1986) vs England (2003) - Rugby
11. NY Yankees (2000) vs Big Red Machine - Cincinatti Reds (1976) - Baseball Middleweights
12. Edmonton Oilers (1984) vs Montreal Canadians (1979) - Hockey
13. Team Canada (1972) vs Team Canada (2002) - Hockey
14. San Francisco 49ers (1990) vs Dallas Cowboys (1993) - Football (US)
15. England (1966) vs Brazil (1958) - Soccer
16. McEnroe (1984) vs Becker (1986) - Wimbledon Tennis
17. Boston Celtics (1986) vs Chicago Bulls (1993) - Basketball
18. South Africa (Early 1970s) vs Australia (1999) - Cricket
19. Aryton Senna (Early 1990s) vs Michael Schumacher (Early 2000s) - F1 - Both driving the same car.
20. New England Patriots (Early 200os) vs Pittsburgh Steelers (Late 1970s) - Football

What I love about Judaism

1. The belief in a single source of origin and universal power - G-d, who cannot be defined. The Kabbalah calls this Ein Sof - without an end.
2. The Oral Law to supplement the written law.
3. 4000 + years of continuous history and tradition.
4. The scholastic principles of analysis, arguement and interpretation as emphasized in the Talmud.
5. The Jewish emphasis on Ethics and Morality.
6. The Sabbath as a day of rest and contemplation.
7. An emphasis on a personal relationship with G-d.
8. The religion does not seek converts - if one wishes to become a Jew the onus is very much on them.
9. The umbrella of groups each enriching the religion by their own interpretation: Ultra Orthodox, Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist
10. The importance of family and respecting one's parents.
11. Tikkun Olam - How its each person's obligation to do their bit to heal the world.
12. The accomadation (except for a few hardliners) of science.
13. The prohibition against speaking ill of others.
14. Israel as a Holy Land.
15. No matter how far one strays from the religion its always possible to turn back.